Join the Lab

Joining as a Graduate Student

Dr. Rhemtulla is planning to accept new graduate students who apply in 2022 to start in 2023.

In general, we look for prospective graduate students who are intensely interested in psychological methods and statistics, and who are keen to work on statistical solutions to current issues in psychological research. If you think you would be a good fit for our lab, please contact Dr. Rhemtulla by email.

Applications are accepted through the department of Psychology at University of California, Davis.

  • For more information on the application process click here.
  • For more information on the graduate program click here.

Joining as an Undergraduate Research Assistant

Undergraduates interested in gaining research credit should contact Dr. Rhemtulla by email. Skills that we look for in undergraduate lab members include: some background in statistical methods, experience coding in R, enthusiasm to learn hard things.

If you join our lab, here are some of the things that we might ask you to do:

  • follow a self-guided course to gain proficiency in using R
  • search through academic psychology journals to find articles that use specific methods
  • search online to find available datasets that have particular characteristics
  • replicate statistical analyses that are reported in academic papers
  • gather information from the academic literature to document how particular procedures are justified, used, and reported
  • explore psychological datasets to discover their properties (e.g., how are the variables distributed?)